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What is this all About?
"Best thing in BG. Challenging, but so much fun! Def going back."
Fequently Asked Questions

Are we really going to be locked in a room?
Yes and No.  For your safety, an emergency exit and staff member is always available.

Is there and age limit?
Anyone can play! However, if you are under 18 years of age or younger, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking. We do have to keep a tight schedule, so if you arrive late you may not receive the full 60 minutes in your room.  

Do I need to wear anything special?
Whatever you’re comfortable in should be fine, just keep in mind that you will be standing, bending and stretching. 

Is this going to be scary?
Conundrum Workshop escape games are exhilarating and exciting but not scary.

Do I need special training or education?
No, you just need your curiosity, general knowledge and creativity.

Will I be playing with people I don't know?
Unless you purchase all the tickets for the time slot you prefer, you could be joined by additional players.

I only want to play with friends / family / co-workers.

Conundrum Workshop offers a private escape room experience for your group.

How far in advance should I book?
As early as possible, if you would like a specific time. Weekends are the busiest, so it's best to book in advance.   If you would like a session outside our normal operating hours, please email with your request to

What about church groups, youth groups, scouts and other groups?

Please contact for special scheduling.

How can I book a game?

Click on the booking link  or forcash payments contact 
Connecting People Through Creativity
Vision: Conundrum Workshop’s vision is to be the leader in customer satisfaction and creativity.

Mission: Conundrum Workshop is a customer-focused, organization that connects people through creativity by developing and delivering innovative and unique solutions. We provide a dynamic and rewarding environment for our employees. and strive to be responsible corporate citizens.

Action Scripture: Colossians 3:23-24 
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Reservations are not required but are recommended to ensure that you are able to participate in the game of your choice.  Walk-in customers are welcome but availability cannot be guaranteed.
Monday ~ Thursday:  first reservation is 6pm and the last reservation is 9:45pm
Friday: first reservation is 11:15am and the last reservation is at 10:45
Saturday: first reservation is 10:30am and the last reservation is at 10:45
Sunday: first reservation is 12:30pm and the last reservation is at 9:45pm
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Escape Game Bowling Green KY