Escape Game Bowling Green KY
Version 1
Choice of Difficulty:
Easy (4/10)
Moderate (6/10)
Difficult (8/10)
Players 2-8

An experiment in a local laboratory has gone very wrong and the result is a very dangerous device that could explode. The authorities have called in the Bomb Squad to deactivate the device. Can you escape before everything explodes?

Version 2
Difficulty 4/10
Players 2-8
Hint: Red Letters

The Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse would like to extend their cordial invitation to a very curious un-birthday party.  Can you escape the madness before you loose  your head?

Version 1
Difficulty 8/10
Players 2-8
Hint: Coins ​​

The president of the Big City Bank is involved in some underhanded business.  Your team's objective is to break into his bank, crack the safe, and get out with the goods.  Can you escape before the alarm goes off?

Version 2
Difficulty 5/10
Players 4-12
Hint: Signs

Haunting! A seasonal escape game that is filled with Halloween fun and all new challenges! 

Your group is locked up in a notoriously haunted jail.  The guard is away for a lunch break.  Can you work with your cell mates to escape before the guard or the ghosts return.

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What is an Escape Game?
The premise of the adventure is that a team is locked in a themed room with only 60 minutes to escape. Teams must work together in search of hidden objects, clues, codes, riddles and puzzles to solve an assortment of challenges that reveal keys or combinations to various locks throughout the room. A staff member monitors the entire game and may offer a clue if a team is really having difficulty. Ultimately, trying to “escape” before the countdown clock expires.

Conundrum Workshop offers a perfect activity for Date Nights, Proposals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Team Building Events and anyone else looking for something fun to do. It is an excellent alternative to the same old “Movie Night”.
Mobile Escape Games
We come to your office, work place, conference room, church,  group event., family reunion, or other gathering.  We can accommodate groups up to 150+ with our mobile escape game solution.   

Soft Skills 
Do the employees on your team need to sharpen their soft skills? 
Conundrum Workshop provides professional training that improves communication, boosts morale, increases motivation, and powers productivity. Join the winner's circle by experiencing a training program from Conundrum Workshop

Customer Feedback
We loved Conundrum Workshop. We did the Bank Robbery and it was quite entertaining, frustrating and exhilarating. This was just as good as any escape room in Nashville!! We will be back.”

“The owners here are super friendly, and helpful when it comes to giving hints! The rooms are amazing! Lots of stuff to do before you can get out! They don't just do escape games, they do all kinda of stuff along with it like painting, and music. So if you're looking for an escape game and some challenge behind it go check out Conundrum Workshop!”
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Gift Certificates (Vouchers) are valid for 1 year from date of purchase and usable for any Conundrum Workshop experience.
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
2nd Annual Turkey Tournament
Contratuations to the winners of the 2nd Annual Turkey Tournament and a huge thank you to all the participants.  It is an honor for Conundrum Workshop to host your friends and family during the holidays!
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Escape Game Bowling Green KY